Trade rumor rankings: Fred VanVleet, John Wall and more

With just weeks remaining until the 2022-23 NBA trade deadline, we’re ranking 10 players in this edition of our trade rumor rankings series, as there are too many players to discuss to make the cut-off of just five, as we usually do.

We’ve only seen one trade thus far this season, an inconsequential salary dump involving the Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, and Noah Vonleh, who is now a free agent.

We should get some more action prior to the deadline, though, even if it isn’t the most hectic of trade deadlines.

Below, the 10 players who have appeared most often in trade rumors over the previous week, as judged by appearances on our trade page.

John Wall (LA Clippers)

john wall
john wall

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since his Houston Rockets days, John Wall has found himself in a trade rumors rankings article.

That’s because this week, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that the Los Angeles Clippers, in search of frontcourt depth, have discussed Wall in potential deals.

Wall is currently injured but he should be back before the trade deadline. He’s performed decently this season, too, putting up 11.4 points and 5.2 assists, albeit on an inefficient 40.8 percent shooting mark.

With Wall having a team option on his deal for 2023-24 worth a reasonable $6.8 million, it shouldn’t be too difficult for the Clippers to find him a new home, though it’s unclear how that would help with the team’s lack of playmaking in the backcourt.

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Nerlens Noel (Detroit)

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

A serviceable backup big man, Nerlens Noel has been connected to a few teams this week in trade scuttle via different channels.

First, Sports Illustrated reported that the Lakers have discussed trading for Noel:

And maybe that will be the case. I’ve heard the Lakers and Pistons have discussed a deal that would include both Bogdanović and Nerlens Noel. Since the Pistons are demanding draft assets in any deal for Bogdanović, it’s sort of a given that the Lakers would have to surrender a first-round pick to make a deal. Maybe they make a second deal to fortify the rotation further. Will they be willing to trade both picks that are currently trade-eligible?

Then, The Athletic mentioned the Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks as three other teams to have talked about a Noel trade with the Detroit Pistons:

It’s likely the Pistons will just go into the summer with the plan to not pick up Noel’s option or, if they do, use it to accommodate a trade, if one materializes. Per league sources, the teams most engaged in talks with the Pistons about Noel to date are the Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks.

Noel’s numbers have been nothing to write home about over recent seasons, but the veteran big man still makes a huge impact defensively by racking up steals and blocks, a valuable skill set for a big man off the bench.

Considering he’s got a $9.7 million player option on his deal for next season, it makes sense why Noel has so many teams after him as we approach the trade deadline.

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OG Anunoby (Toronto)

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

With the Toronto Raptors suffering their first disappointing season in a while, many believe they could be sellers at the trade deadline as they sit at 20-26 and 11th in the Eastern Conference.

However, if teams want to talk OG Anunoby with the Raptors, they better be willing to part with a lot to get him, at least if recent reports are to be believed.

Yahoo! Sports’ Jake Fischer reported this week that rival teams have the impression it would take a Dejounte Murray-type haul for the Raptors to consider shipping out Anunoby:

Meanwhile, Raptors officials have left rival front offices with the impression, sources said, it would take a haul at least in the ballpark of Atlanta’s offseason price for Dejounte Murray — multiple unprotected first round picks — for Toronto to even consider parting with OG Anunoby, a known favorite of Ujiri.

The Toronto Star reported similarly recently, stating that it would take two promising players on team-friendly deals and a pick to pry Anunoby from the Raptors.

Anunoby is a great defender on the wing, capable of guarding multiple positions while currently leading the league in nightly steals at 2.1 and putting up 17.5 points per game on the other end. An excellent modern wing with versatility and two-way impact, it makes perfect sense why the Raptors would expect a whole lot in exchange for the former Indiana standout.

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Kyle Kuzma (Washington)

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Even despite the Washington Wizards being a disappointing 19-26, the team is still seemingly all-in on keeping its core together, at least with regard to its more experienced players.

It was reported this week by The Athletic that Washington is looking into trading Rui Hachimura, one of the Wizards’ various recent first-round blunders, with hopes that that would help them re-sign Kuzma long-term this offseason:

The Wizards also have received interest from multiple teams on potential deals involving star forward Kyle Kuzma, but moving Hachimura would reduce a logjam at the forward spots and place the franchise in a better position financially to focus on re-signing Kuzma and potentially re-sign Kristaps Porziņģis in the offseason.

Kuzma is currently in the midst of a career year, putting up 21.7 points per game and shooting 45.7 percent from the floor, so it makes sense why the Wizards would like to keep him. At the same time, even with Kuzma putting up huge numbers, Kristaps Porzingis playing at his New York-level self and Bradley Beal still being around, Washington is still not a good basketball team.

Why commit even more money to maintain something that isn’t working?

The Wizards might need to look at some top-to-bottom changes pretty soon because being mired in mediocrity for years is no way to compete in the NBA.

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Mike Conley (Utah)

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

With the Clippers desperately lacking in playmaking out of the point-guard spot – Reggie Jackson leaves a… lot to be desired in that respect – one trade target that the supposed contenders have been tied to is the veteran floor general Mike Conley.

Charania, Marc Stein and Fischer all mentioned Los Angeles as having an interest in Conley. Charania wrote this week:

The Timberwolves and Clippers are expressing interest in Jazz guard Mike Conley Jr., league sources say.

While Stein reported:

Sources say they also have trade interest in Utah’s Mike Conley Jr. amid a rising belief leaguewide that the Jazz — who have tumbled to No. 9 in the West at 22-24 after their great start — could become a much-needed seller at this deadline.

To which Fischer added:

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Conley, even in a down year, is still putting up 10.4 points and 7.5 assists on 36.8 percent shooting from three.

For a Clippers team relying so much on tough shot-making from their two stars, just having a mature point guard who won’t only look for his own shot but look to set up teammates for easy looks would be a godsend.

Keep an eye on Los Angeles and Conley here.

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Fred VanVleet (Toronto)

Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

As discussed above, the Raptors are struggling this season and could be looking to initiate a quick rebuild.

According to a report this week, it’s possible they look to move Fred VanVleet at the deadline, even if fans of the Toronto-based franchise might find that surprising:

One of these two players is probably [getting traded]: Gary Trent Jr., Fred VanVleet. After a few years of developmental struggles, the Raptors need more contributors on lighter contracts. Trading Trent Jr. or VanVleet is the easiest way to acquire those pieces. I’ve already written about how complex the VanVleet situation is; for that reason, I have Trent as the more likely player to move, although it could be closer than some might think.

Fischer isn’t quite buying that, though, believing that the only reason VanVleet is discussed as a trade candidate is due to the relatively down year he’s having:

Fred VanVleet’s apparent trade candidacy seems far more rooted in his down performance this season, as the smaller guard approaches his 29th birthday, than the front office’s willingness to part with such a central team leader.

Charania also chimed in here, stating that the Suns and Magic are potential free-agent suitors for VanVleet. Might that lead to interest from those two clubs for VanVleet as a trade target?

We’ll only have to wait a few weeks to find out.

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Eric Gordon (Houston)

eric gordon
eric gordon

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Watch just about any Eric Gordon post-game interview from this season and you’ll see a player desperate for a change of scenery and sick of being stuck in a rebuild. He’s not exactly trying to hide his feelings, either.

ESPN reiterated such this week in a podcast:

Tim MacMahon: Eric Gordon, I think he’s made it pretty clear like he’s had enough of this whole rebuild, his preference would be to go on and and move to a, you know, a team that has a chance to win now or to get a contract extension.

Charania reported this week that the asking price for Gordon from the Houston Rockets is a first-round pick or a good young player.

Meanwhile, Stein reported this weekend that the Milwaukee Bucks are also a potential suitor for Gordon, though they prefer to send out multiple second-rounders in exchange for the sharpshooting 2-guard.

Gordon is one of the likelier players to get traded by this upcoming deadline, that much is clear.

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Jakob Poeltl (San Antonio)

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With Jakob Poeltl posting yet another very solid season and the San Antonio Spurs still not all that close to contending for even a playoff spot, trade scuttle continues to surround the Austrian big man.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported this week that the Spurs are getting a ton of interest in Poeltl on the trade market:

There’s a lot of interest in Poeltl and there are a lot of teams I think for San Antonio they’re going to make the kind of offers that they may want to move him. But he can do a four-year, $58 million extension during the season. He’s going to get more than that in free agency. He’s not going to do that deal now, but if you’re San Antonio and you win the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes he makes perfect sense in the middle with wembayama at the four. So I think for San Antonio, you saw him do it with Dejounte Murray… They got an overwhelming offer from Atlanta, they moved him. I think you’re going to see at the trade deadline some real significant offers.

Charania then reported that the Celtics and Raptors are also interested in the big man averaging 12.2 points and 9.3 rebounds this season.

Fischer then also mentioned the Raptors as a suitor for Poeltl while Jared Weiss of The Athletic stated that the Spurs’ asking price for Poeltl is two first-round picks, a bit of a steep price, despite his impactful level of play.

We’ll see how this one plays out, as the Spurs still believe they have a chance to re-sign Poeltl this offseason, meaning they won’t just give him away for cheap.

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Bojan Bogdanovic (Detroit)

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons are still very early on in their rebuild, so having a player like Bojan Bogdanovic on their payroll doesn’t make a ton of sense, not with another two years and $39.0 million left on his contract after this year.

That’s why the Croatian swingman has been a constant source of trade rumors this season.

This week, James Edwards III of The Athletic reported that while Detroit isn’t totally against trading Bogdanovic, they won’t just do so for the sake of doing it, either:

While Detroit has aspirations to be more competitive next season — and Bogdanović would surely help make that happen — the Pistons aren’t opposed to moving him, league sources say. However, they’re not anxiously trying to deal him, either, as they value not only his on-court play but the leadership he’s brought to the young team. Per league sources, the price tag to acquire Bogdanović appears to be, at the very minimum, an unprotected first-round pick.

That asking price of one first-round pick seems reasonable for the three-level scorer who can provide a boost to any contender’s scoring power.

As mentioned in the Noel section, the Lakers have discussed a deal that would net them Bogdanovic and Noel. We’ll see if the Lakers, who reportedly very much would like to keep their top-end draft capital, actually go through with it.

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Cam Reddish (New York)

AP Photo/John Minchillo

As they say, where there is smoke, there is fire, and for some reason, there has been a ton of smoking tying Cam Reddish to the Miami Heat recently, with both Stein and Ian Begley reporting about Miami’s interest in the young wing.

Stein also mentioned the Dallas Mavericks, along with the Bucks and Knicks, as being interested in Reddish this week:

Cam Reddish is the New York Knick most likely to be moved before the NBA’s Feb. 9 trade deadline, league sources say. The Knicks have redoubled their efforts to find a new home for Reddish with essentially three weeks to go until the deadline, sources tell The Stein Line, with the Dallas Mavericks having joined the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers on the list of known potential trade partners.

Stein would go on to say the New York Knicks are only seeking second-round compensation for the talented-though-unproven swingman.

We’ll see where Reddish ends up, but that he has now been banished by two different regimes and two separate franchises, it does not speak that highly of his future prospects of succeeding in the NBA.

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