Tracy McGrady throws elbow, knocks down opponent who scored on, taunted him during Chinese game (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

Here's Tracy McGrady, in an interview published Monday, describing his experience thus far in the Chinese Basketball Association, which he joined back in October:

"You know, the competition has been good, everything about it has been good. I thought the travel was going to be kind of tough, but that hasn't been that bad at all. You know, it has been warm welcoming, every city that I have been going to [...] You know, so far so good, my journey has been pretty good."

And now, thanks to our friends at the Yahoo! Sports Minute, here's McGrady, in a game played Sunday, getting dotted from beyond the arc to put his Qingdao DoubleStar Eagles down 22 points to fellow former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury and his defending Chinese Basketball Association champion Beijing Ducks, and not taking the beating so well and delivering one of his own:

So, maybe not everything is "so far, so good."

According to Xinhua's recap of the game, McGrady's day got off to a bad start when he left "his formal [jersey] in the hotel carelessly." Despite the Anthony Davis-style uniform malfunction, though, he still got it going offensively, trading scores with the likes of Marbury and former New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks big man Randolph Morris throughout the first half.

Beijing pulled away after halftime, however, storming to an 89-70 lead after three quarters and opening the fourth with the top-of-the-key Ji Zhe long ball depicted in the clip above. The shooter took advantage of the opportunity by provoking McGrady with a finger wag ... which led to the elbow and a technical foul.

"McGrady didn't control his temper, and we need to give him some guidance in the future," said Qingdao coach Zhang Shizhang told reporters after the game.

We're sure T-Mac will be all too eager to receive and consider his coach's temper-management instructions. In the meantime, perhaps Ji Zhe will think twice before breaking out the ol' Mutombo next time he plays against Qingdao. It'll probably be in his best interests, sternum-wise.

McGrady finished with a season-high 37 points, but Marbury's Ducks got the win, keeping Qingdao winless on the season. This, one presumes, is not exactly what McGrady had in mind when he decided to extend his playing career by looking overseas; I mean, you fly all the way to China, you have to take some "nonsense" test, you have rail-thin dudes wagging their fingers in your face and you don't even win when you drop 37. It must be frustrating.

Maybe more CBA shooters should start wearing chest protectors. Can't be too careful nowadays.

If the video clip above isn't rocking for you, please feel free to check out the 'bow throw elsewhere, thanks to pennyccwai

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