Trace McSorley has gotten reps as a punt returner

Mike Florio

After drafting former Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley, Ravens G.M. Eric Decosta said in a visit to PFT Live that McSorley could be doing a little bit of everything in Baltimore.

“I think he’s a football player and everything that entails,” DeCosta said. “His skill set is varied and multiple. He’s fast, he’s strong, he’s tough, he’s a playmaker, he’s a football player. We’ve seen teams, for instance the New Orleans Saints with Taysom Hill, we’ve seen other teams find ways to play with players like this and they can help you win football games. He fits our defense, he fits our offense, he fits special teams.”

Indeed he does. McSorley recently said that, during the offseason program, he took reps as a punt returner.

“It’s something that’s a new challenge for me, something that I hadn’t really . . . done,” McSorley said, via “So it’s just something interesting to be able to come in and learn and try and prove myself in a different way that I can be able to get on the field and make an impact. . . . It’s been interesting. It’s had its ups and downs, obviously the first couple times doing it, but it’s going well. I’m looking forward to be able to come out and do anything that I can, especially in the special teams aspect for the team. I want to prove myself there.”

Technically a quarterback who will wear No. 7, McSorley could be a lot like the guy who wears No. 7 in New Orleans.

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