What is the towel challenge and how do you do it?

The TikTok "towel challenge" has puzzle-lovers baffled. But at least it looks like a ton of fun. The towel challenge requires two people to hold interlocked towels and then try to maneuver themselves free without lifting their hands. But math whizzes might see an error in this logic. it was Sheena Melwani's dad (known for roasting her) who pointed out that it is actually mathematically impossible to win the challenge. "When you start with two circles you cannot separate them. This is what happens when you skip school people. One day, you'll grow up, you'll be sitting on the floor" . According to knot theory, a field of mathematics that focuses on three-dimensional closed curves it's not possible to separate two or more interlocking rings. The only way to separate two closed rings is by breaking one