Tourney Pick 'Em 101

Yahoo Sports women’s basketball writer Cassandra Negley shares some valuable advice on building your tournament bracket.

Video Transcript


CASSANDRA NEGLEY: This is Cassandra Negley with Yahoo Sports. And it is time to play Tourney Pick 'Em. So here's your 101. You can sign up for the women's and men's Tourney Pick 'Em now. It is free to play and available on the Yahoo Fantasy Sports site. The only rule is to pick teams however you want, because the best bracket of each of the women's and men's Tourney wins $25,000.

But we're going to give you a few pointers. The first is, maybe don't take your number one seeds out of the bracket before the Sweet 16. Remember, in the women's game, those first two rounds are played at the home courts of the top four seeds in each region, and having a home court crowd can do wonders for a team.

Number two, be careful of picking too many upsets. These teams are at the top of the rankings for a reason, and they'll probably do OK. Number three, there has been a lot of balanced play in the women's side of the game this season. Consider that when making your final four and choose at least one team that is not ranked number one in their region. Sign up now at Brackets open on Selection Sunday, and the women's tournament begins March 17.