Tour de France drops lawsuit against woman who caused massive crash with sign

The Tour de France withdrew the lawsuit it filed against a fan who caused a massive crash during the opening stages of the race just one day after that fan was arrested by French police, according to Reuters.

Though the 30-year-old woman — who was not identified — can still face criminal charges and other lawsuits, the Tour de France is ready to move on.

"We are withdrawing our complaint. This story has been blown out of proportion but we wish to remind everyone of the safety rules on the race," Tour director Christian Prudhomme said, via Reuters.

"If you come to the Tour, you hold your kid, you hold your pet and don't cross the road carelessly. And above all, you respect the riders - they're the ones worthy of live TV."

Fan finally arrested after causing crash

The fan was finally tracked down on Wednesday in Brittany, France, after investigators asked for public help to find her. The woman initially got on a flight after the accident and was then untraceable, per reports. Police, though, found her still inside the country on Wednesday and arrested her.

She is facing charges of involuntarily causing injury and putting the life of others at risk, and could face up to two years in jail.

The fan was holding a cardboard sign and posing for a camera with her back to the pack of riders on Saturday when one hit her and fell to the ground. As the group of bikers were so packed together, it caused a massive pileup.

Riders all stopped in protest for about one minute on Tuesday in the fourth stage of the race over the crash, too, in an effort to protest for safer racing conditions.

The Tour de France will run through July 18.

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