Toughness means something different to the Boston Celtics

While the Boston Celtics do indeed have a problem matching the physical play of some ball clubs as a finesse team, there seems to be an erroneous notion that the Celtics are somehow soft. This idea stems from the idea that teams which do not gesticulate and ride the line of dirty play (we’ll take the high road and not name names) are getting “out-toughed”.

Star Celtics forward Jayson Tatum pushed back on that idea in a recent press conference, drawing light on the fact that there’s a lot of ways for a ball club to be tough in ways that are not so stereotypical.

The hosts of the CLNS Media “How Bout Them Celtics!” podcast, Jack Simone and Sam LaFrance, gave their views on Tatum’s words on a recent episode. Check it out in the clip embedded below.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire