In touching act, woman signs for deaf dad at Three Days Grace concert

A woman and her deaf father have gone viral again after they shared a heartwarming moment together at a Three Days Grace concert two years ago. a video of Karri Carberry enthusiastically signing the lyrics of the band’s song “Just Like You” to her father Darrin has circulated on social media. The brief clip shows Carberry looking directly at Darrin and mouthing the song’s chorus, as Darrin excitedly jams along to the music. It was reportedly recorded at a 2018 concert in Canada and originally posted on Facebook by fellow concertgoer Julia Maria. The video, which has since received over 621,000 reactions on Facebook alone, was reshared by Carberry on TikTok on Oct. 15. According to Carberry, the original clip had, in fact, caught the attention of Three Days Grace drummer Neil Sanderson, who then messaged her on Facebook. “Hey Karri [...] a friend of mine in the Audiology field reached out after seeing your video and he wants to make sure your dad gets a major upgrade in hearing aid technology”. The hearing aids eventually made their way to Carberry, who included a photo of her father holding them up in her TikTok