Top rising sophomore Tyran Stokes talks Kentucky, Michigan interest

Krysten Peek chats with one of the top players in the 2026 class, Tyran Stokes, at the U16 USA Basketball tryouts.

Video Transcript

- I'm Krysten Beak here with Tyran Stokes. We're at U16 USA basketball tryouts in Coral Springs. Tyran, there's a lot of great competition out here on the court.

I mean, it's ridiculous. It's super high level. How do you think that you've been playing these last couple of days?

TYRAN STOKES: I feel like I've been playing great, keeping it high energy, talking a lot on and off the court, hyping my teammates when they score or get dunks and stuff like that.

- I mean, you're in the 2026 class. The 2025 class is loaded with talent. I mean, you guys are proving to be the same.

How much fun is it to get out here? Because you're seeing guys-- you're on the EYBL, but you're seeing guys on the Adidas circuit, the Under Armor circuit. And y'all are competing for a chance to represent Team USA.

TYRAN STOKES: I mean, it feels great to play against people from all different circuits. I mean, the only people I really get to play against is, like, AJ if we play [INAUDIBLE] 17s. So, most of the kids play 16s. So coming here, playing against them is just great.

- We've got to talk about you and AJ playing up in the EYBL BBL and not only playing out but, like, dominating. How fun has that been, and what does that do for your confidence as a player knowing that you guys are competing at such a high level on the EYBL?

TYRAN STOKES: It's great. It's a confidence boost, for sure, playing up against people who are two or three years older than us and just killing. It's fun.

- Yeah. And in terms of the recruitment front, I mean, I know you're only a rising sophomore, but how's that whole process been going?

TYRAN STOKES: It's been slow kind of. I mean, I wouldn't expect it to be fast because I'm only a freshman, rising sophomore. But other than that, I've just been hooping.

- Who were some of your most recent offers? Because I know you must have gotten some after, like, the last lie period. Just one?


- Who?


- Oh, that's right. Texas. OK, Texas has a new coach there.

I mean, I know probably, like, only being a sophomore, you don't know a lot about them. But they're in one of the most competitive conferences in the Big 12. Like, what excites you about possibly playing in the Big 12 and playing for a program like Texa?

TYRAN STOKES: I mean, I love Texas. It's a good place to be. The weather, the people, the food-- everything there just feels like home.

- And then prior to that, I want to say, like, who were your other offers? I know Louisville had offered. Who else?


- OK, yeah.

TYRAN STOKES: --who else? Texas A&M.

- OK.

TYRAN STOKES: Xavier, some of the-- I can't really think of--

- Well, and just being, like, a rising sophomore, like, the coaches can't get in contact with you directly. So, how has the communication been? Like, who's been reaching out the most, would you say?

TYRAN STOKES: Probably Kentucky.

- OK.

TYRAN STOKES: Definitely they've been reaching out a lot. Indiana.

- Yeah.


- OK.

TYRAN STOKES: And yeah, that's pretty--

- And with Kentucky, is it just we're watching you? We want to see more of you before we offer and get a better idea of how you can fit in the system?

TYRAN STOKES: They talked to my mother. Coach Cal, he said, I just have to take more shots.

- Got it. OK, Michigan, you said, has also reached out. What do you know about Juwan Howard, you know, playing at the highest level and what he's doing at Michigan?

TYRAN STOKES: He's a great coach, great program. I like what he does. I like how he gets players, develop them, and just stuff like that.

- OK, and Louisville, we have to talk about your hometown school. They're rebuilding there. You got Kenny Payne and Nolan Smith, who came from Great programs, Duke and Kentucky, and did a lot of offseason moves in the portal. They are building something there. What's their communication like and their message to you?

TYRAN STOKES: It's been crazy. They tried to talk to me a lot. Since I'm from Louisville, they really want me to come there. So, they try to do everything they can to give me to come [INAUDIBLE].

- Who do you watch in the NBA and try to mimic your game after?

TYRAN STOKES: I probably watch a lot of Jayson Tatum and LeBron.

- OK, and what aspects about their game do you like the most?

TYRAN STOKES: Oh, I like Jason Tatum's mid-range game, and then Lebron's just an all-around player. He could get his team involved. He could go for 40 even though he's 38.

- Well, Tyran, thank you so much for the time. Good luck the rest of the tryouts. And for more information on Tyron Stokes, keep it right here on Yahoo! Sports.