Top of the Morning, Feb. 27, 2024

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The kids from Hoopeston Area High School had a blast performing on Snapchat during Sunday's Faces of Spring at The News-Gazette. They have Nathan and Shannon Anderson to thank.

The couple gave up the keys to their 2019 Chevy Silverado for the Cornjerkers' social-media skit. With Bryson Brewer behind the wheel and seven others piled in the backseat and bed — including Keenon Anderson, Nathan and Shannon's son — the group pulled into our parking lot before shouting "Go Jerkers" in unison.

"It's all about the kids," said Shannon, a paraprofessional at Maple Grade School in Hoopeston. "If there's a way we can help them, we'll do it."

It's the second time the pickup has been used, the Cornjerkers pulling off a similar performance at Faces of the Fall.

More than 300 high schoolers visited on Sunday for portraits, interviews, radio spots and autographs. Each school showed their creativity on Snapchat, too, a tradition that some groups prepare for in advance. The parents who accompany the kids seem to have as much fun as the teenagers.

"It's fun to see them in a different light than on the court or on the field," Shannon said. "They get to show their own personality."

We'll begin publishing pictures in print and online in March. The radio spots currently are playing on WDWS and WHMS.