Top Korean Overwatch team Kongdoo reveals two new rosters

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Kongdoo has updated their two Overwatch teams. (Kongdoo)
Kongdoo has updated their two Overwatch teams. (Kongdoo)

Esports organization Kongdoo has confirmed updated lineups and role changes for its two Overwatch teams, Kongdoo Panthera and Kongdoo Uncia. The rosters were revealed via Twitter earlier today.

The Kongdoo Panthera lineup is as follows:

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  • An “Wakawaka” Jee Ho (Formerly DPS, now Healer)

  • Yang “Luffy” Seong Hyeon (Healer)

  • Kim “Rascal” Dong Jun (DPS)

  • Fissure (Tank)

  • Kim “birdring” Ji Hyuk (DPS)

  • Void (Tank)

Players Bling (name unknown) and Koo “EVERMORE” Kyo Min have been moved to the bench, with Evermore becoming a streamer under the Kongdoo banner. He was formerly the team captain, leading the team to victory at the Nexus Cup 2016. The team placed 5th-6th at IEM Gyeonggi 2016.

Birdring had been added from sister team Kongdoo Uncia, while Void is new to the organization.

Kongdoo Uncia’s updated lineup is as follows:

  • Cho “Bubbly” Yoon Ho (Support)

  • Kim “DNCE” Se Yong (Healer)

  • Lee “Panker” Byung Ho (Tank)

  • Yoon “Butcher” Seong Won (Tank)

  • Decay (Flex)

  • Dae-min “Daemin” Kim

  • Poise (sub)

Former Kongdoo Uncia player Yoo “Lucid” Jun Seo has gone on to sign with Afreeca Freecs Blue.

The two Kongdoo teams placed 5th-6th at the recent OGN Overwatch APEX Season 2 tournament. The three-month long league invited the best Overwatch teams from around the world to compete in Seoul, South Korea for a $180,000 prize pool. Check out our breakdown of how the Korean teams stacked up and overtook the top European teams over the course of the tournament.

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