Top game of NFL's opening week: Zeke vs. Giants, Antonio Brown Bowl or Mahomes' Act Two

Yahoo Sports NFL senior writers Kimberley A. Martin, Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson select games this week that will leave us buzzing heading into Monday and Tuesday.

Martin’s must-watch
New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

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The wait is over.

Zeke is back. And the Cowboys' quest for a title is about to begin. (Uh, I guess.)

The only thing left now is to see Ezekiel Elliott in action. He's got his money, now how many touches is he going to get against the Giants? Will there be any signs of rust? Or will he carve up New York's rebuilt (and potentially underwhelming defense), as expected?

Regardless if it's 15 touches or 50, having Zeke on the field is a welcome sign for Jerry Jones and it gives Dallas the edge in this divisional matchup. Or at least it should.

If the Cowboys lose this game, the takes will be HOT.

While this week may have marked the official end of "Zeke Watch," the clock on Jason Garrett's future starts.

Paylor’s must-watch
Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

As if there was any doubt. This Monday night showdown is going to be fantastic.

A classic AFC West rivalry, set in a Black Hole environment that oozes football. Throw in The Antonio Brown Show – it’s a mortal lock he’s catching 10 passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns, at least – and you’ve got a must-watch game that should do bonkers ratings.

It will also be fun watching Raiders coach Jon Gruden trying to scheme vs. the Broncos’ new head coach (and bonafide defensive wizard) Vic Fangio.

Can Monday get here any sooner?

Robinson’s must-watch
Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars

There are quite a few good games in Week 1, but I’m eager to see whether Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs defense can come out of the gate looking as Super Bowl-ready as I think they are.

This isn’t a a cupcake game. The heat and humidity in Jacksonville is scheduled to be suffocating on Sunday, which is a hurdle unto itself.

The Jaguars still have an extremely talented defense that has the world to prove after last season’s implosion.

Will Nick Foles (and maybe simply NOT having Blake Bortles) make a monumental difference?

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