Top CB prospect to miss NFL Scouting Combine with foot injury

One of the primary purposes of the NFL Scouting Combine is the extensive medical evaluation all players go through in Indianapolis. It proved quite important for one of the top cornerback prospects in the 2024 NFL draft.

Alabama CB Kool-Aid McKinstry, a likely first-round pick, will not be working out at the combine after the medical evaluation determined he has a foot injury. Specifically, McKinstry has a Jones fracture in his right foot.

What exactly is a Jones fracture?

From the Cleveland Clinic,

Jones fractures are a type of broken bone. They happen when you break your fifth metatarsal — the bone that joins your pinkie toe to the base of your foot.

Jones fractures are caused when you put sudden force on the outside of your foot with your foot twisted away from your body. Repeated overuse, sports injuries and falls are the most common causes of Jones fractures. You might need surgery to repair your bone. Most people need a few months to recover from a Jones fracture.

McKinstry expects to be cleared for full action before training camp.

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire