TOP 20: Austin Golson

Jay G. Tate, Publisher
Auburn Sports

Austin Golson turned in another Golson-type season in 2016 — opening the year at left tackle before moving inside to center against Louisiana-Monroe in early October.

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The new assignment stuck. He started the final nine games at center and was a benefit throughout that stretch, which is Golson's thing. He's versatile. He played guard and tackle at Ole Miss and now has played beter center at tackle at Auburn.

He can do it all.

Golson is a perfect fit for position coach Herb Hand, who values consistent effort and execution. Golson makes few mental mistakes because he's embarrassed by them. Some players laugh off (or ignore) errors, but Golson takes them personally. He vows to never make the same mistake twice. Considering he's started every game of his Auburn career for two very different position coaches, well, Golson's attention to detail hasn't gone unnoticed.

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