Top 10 NHL bloopers of 2017

Don’t be so quick to laugh at Kris Russell’s misfortune, Naz. You made the top five on this list, too. (Getty)
Don’t be so quick to laugh at Kris Russell’s misfortune, Naz. You made the top five on this list, too. (Getty)

Essentially everything — aside from sports, of course — sucked in 2017. So when afforded the opportunity to do so, it’s important to mix in a little laughter every now and then.

Luckily, the NHL exists, and it reminds us from time-to-time that just like in life, there’s always a lighter side worthy of embracing. From weird bounces, to own goals, mic malfunctions and of course a classic Phil Kessel moment, the NHL was anything but short on comedic material in 2017.

Here are the top 10 bloopers from across the league this year:

No. 10) The struggling Red Wings sure need a whole bunch of help this season, so Canucks defenceman Chris Tanev decided to be a very selfless man and gift Detroit a hard-to-come-by goal by clearing the puck (aided by a little poke from Anthony Mantha) right into his own net.

No. 9) Phil Kessel doing anything, anywhere, ever, is hilarious. His reaction to getting punked by a clown mask-wearing Ryan Reeves in a hotel before halloween might take the cake though.

No. 8) Usually a clean, forceful win is a centreman’s best outcome in the faceoff circle. Nick Bjugstad’s draw domination against Val Filppula, however, was a little bit too good — as the biscuit rolled back directly into the middle of his own goal.

No. 7) Referee Wes McCauley is an absolute treat, and we should all strive to be as happy on a day-to-day basis as he is announcing penalties to the crowd. During a save review in Long Island, McCauley’s mic malfunctioned and absolute hilarity ensued.

No. 6) Maple Leafs fans will remember a few Jonathan Bernier stinkers during his time in Toronto. It might look like the same old Bernier here, but the Avalanche goaltender can’t be blamed for this one, as a slow dump-in was going about five feet wide before taking an egregious bounce.

No. 5) Predators forward Kevin Fiala was goalless through the first 15 games of the season after returning from a gruesome broken femur suffered in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. His season-starting slump would’ve been busted a lot sooner had he not completely whiffed on this open net against the Flames.

No. 4) Not even Jack Eichel, one of the game’s great young stars, is immune from suffering the sheer clumsiness and buffoonery that binds itself to the Buffalo Sabres franchise.

No. 3) Kris Russell has taken a whole lot of heat for this unfortunate deposit right into his own cage, but let’s be real — goaltender Laurent Brossoit should’ve had this muffin.

No. 2) NHL Penalty box guy became a hero to many after absorbing this errant butt-end from a frustrated Nazem Kadri. The official promptly got in the face of Leafs forward, and preceded to chew him out before firing over a serious death stare.

No. 1) This atrocity of a goal allowed by Carolina Hurricanes goaltender Scott Darling was almost more painful to watch than it was funny, but it takes the top spot because it was just so, so bad — and thus hilarious.