Tony Vitello recaps Vols’ win versus Texas A&M

No. 1 seed Tennessee (46-11) eliminated No. 4 seed Texas A&M (44-12), 7-4, on Thursday in the SEC Tournament at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium in Hoover, Alabama.

Seventh-year Tennessee head coach Tony Vitello met with media after the contest.

“This tournament is so great for all the teams in our league,” Vitello said. “I think the league helps prepare you, but the tournament does, too, because you get used to media coverage, fans, chaos, all kinds of different things.

“I thought we handled it a lot better yesterday. It’s not like we did anything wrong, but everything seemed to be a little more in sync. Great attitude from our guys even though it was definitely not a perfect game. Both teams made mistakes. I haven’t looked at it close enough to know who made one more than the other, but I think because Stam (Chris Stamos) and (AJ) Causey threw the ball so well, we were able to take advantage of KT’s (Kavares Tears) stuff at the plate, as well as the rest of the team. It’s nice to be able to play tomorrow because we kind of had a plan A for the pitching. Obviously, AJ Russell was a hot topic yesterday, kind of how we wanted to handle Cause. Kirby (Connell) had to put in a little extra work, but to this point, it looks like we’ll be able to check some of the boxes we wanted to. Whether we’re able to win the thing or not, we’ve accomplished a lot to this point on top of what we did this season.”

Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Story originally appeared on Vols Wire