Tony Romo calls Commanders coach Dan Quinn a ‘home-run hire’

Say what you want about CBS analyst and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, but he knows football.

Romo and Jim Nantz will be on the call for Super Bowl LVIII as the Kansas City Chiefs look to repeat against the NFC’s No. 1 seed, the San Francisco 49ers.

As Romo made the media rounds this week in preparation for Sunday’s game, he was questioned about the Washington Commanders and their new head coach, Dan Quinn. Romo, who played 14 NFL seasons with the Cowboys, knows Quinn well. The new Washington head coach spent the past three seasons as Dallas’s defensive coordinator.

No surprise, Romo loves the hire.

“Great fit,” Romo said when asked if Quinn was a good fit in Washington.

“I think that was a home-run hire. He’s one of the rare coaches who taught me, at this point, because I’ve talked to so many, I’ve learned so much about the game. I’m always inquisitive. I want to learn. I want to learn. When I retired, I wasn’t able to sit there and be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to go coach the defensive backs.’ I know coverages, I knew fronts, but I didn’t why they were in a five high, six high, why it’s an over or an under front, I just know that they’re in that and here’s how to attack it. Dan, Belichick, there are other coaches, too. I love learning, and for me, to be able to learn from a coach is a gift. Dan was one of those guys. They hit a home run there.”

Major praise from Romo. Remember, as a game analyst, he travels to a different game every week, interviewing the coaching staffs of both teams. He talks to everyone. And his Dallas ties gave him some valuable insight into Quinn. He’s a fan.

Teaching has been one of the many things Quinn has been praised for. Before he chose coaching as a profession, Quinn planned on becoming a teacher. So it’s no surprise analysts such as Romo enjoy speaking to Quinn.


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire