Tony Pollard base deal is $21.75 million over three years (not $24 million)

A lot of veteran running backs will make $8 million per year under contracts signed in free agency. Some won't, but that doesn't stop reporters from saying otherwise.

Titans running back Tony Pollard, formerly of the Cowboys, supposedly got a three-year, $24 million deal. In reality, per a source with knowledge of the deal, it's three years and $21.75 million.

He can get to $24 million only by unlocking $750,000 in incentives during each year of the deal. To get to the base package, Pollard also has to suit up for every regular-season game.

Here's the breakdown:

1. Signing bonus: $6 million.

2. 2024 base salary: $1.49 million, fully guaranteed.

3. 2024 active roster bonus: $30,000 per game; $510,000, total.

4. 2025 base salary: $5.69 million, $3 million of which is fully guaranteed.

5. 2025 active roster bonus: $30,000 per game; $510,000, total.

6. 2026 base salary: $5.695 million.

7. 2026 active roster bonus: $30,000 per game; $510,000, total.

The annual incentives are tied to rushing yards, receptions, touchdowns, and being named to the Pro Bowl.

The deal has $10.49 million fully guaranteed, and a $7.25 million annual average — not $8 million.