Tony Parker goes on a jetpack adventure

Spurs guard Tony Parker has lived a life most men can only dream of. He's won three NBA championships and one Finals MVP award. He married one beautiful actress and then divorced her, only to find himself around younger, incredibly attractive women. Last, in perhaps the greatest showing of his fame, he decided to start a rap career just because no one could tell him it was a bad idea.

Still, those accomplishments were all preamble to the greatest moment of Parker's life. As you can see from the photo above, he got to fly around on a jetpack. Are you jealous, children of the '60s and '70s? Parker has done what you were all promised long ago.

Before you get too jealous, please note that Parker paid 3,500 euros (nearly 5,000 American dollars) for the rental experience, not ownership. The jetpack is also water-propelled, which means it can't go very far. In other words, Parker will not be saving fake housing developments from overgrown moles (that are very particular about building codes) or hanging out with Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. We are all the lesser for it.

On the other hand, maybe this display of force will make the owners agree to a player-friendly collective bargaining agreement sooner rather than later. Mark Cuban may be rich, but even he doesn't have this kind of technology.

(Photo via TMZ)

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