Tony Ferguson’s wife files for restraining order, concerned for his well being

Cristina Ferguson, wife of former UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson, has filed for a restraining order against her husband. MMAJunkie first reported the developing story.

Online documents show that Cristina Ferguson filed for the restraining order in Orange County Superior Court in California on March 13. An ex-parte hearing was held on the same day. The court’s domestic violence prevention services project has scheduled an investigation for March 22. A domestic violence hearing is scheduled for April 5.

Police have been called to the Ferguson home five different times since January 2018, including three times in the last 30 days. Tony Ferguson was not arrested or charged with committing a crime during any of the situations.

The most recent situation happened last Friday when six police units were dispatched to his Santa Ana home. According to the police report, Cristina Ferguson told police that she was at her parents house when Tony showed up and took their two-year old son back to their home and changed the locks on the doors. She stated that she did not fear for the safety of the child. After determining that there was no custody order and a crime hadn't been committed, police left.

On Feb. 19, police conducted a welfare check on Tony after his wife and son left the home after he allegedly made threats. According to the police report, an unidentified female told police that Tony had “not slept for three days and was tearing apart the home” and “broke apart the fire place and believed someone placed a (computer) chip in his leg.” An unidentified male told police that the former champion told him “someone was inside his walls.” Cristina told police that his trainer was unable to convince the fighter to leave the home and see a doctor.

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On Feb. 16, Cristina called the police after leaving the home concerned for her husband's well being. She indicated that he hadn't been violent to her or anyone else. In the police comments on the report, Cristina said that "he kept throwing holy water at her" and that his condition had gotten worse. He refused to seek medical attention that day. He was not considered a danger to himself or others, but one officer advised him to see a doctor.

In January 2018, police were called to the Ferguson home on two occasions.  His father reported that his son was "out of control" and kicked him out of the home.  Tony Ferguson reported his wife missing overnight on the other occasion.

Tony last fought at UFC 229 in October 2018 defeating former champion Anthony Pettis by TKO.  He earned a Fight of the Night bonus and is currently riding an 11-fight winning streak, the longest winning streak in UFC lightweight history.