Tony Allen suffers a fender bender from an old lady, tweets it all

Few players have ever found a fit as good as Tony Allen in Memphis. He's tough, gritty, and a little scuzzy, a perfect match for a city that embraced this year's upstart Grizzlies with a fervor matched in few other NBA cities.

But that doesn't mean he's immune to all harm inside the city limits. Earlier Monday, Allen got involved in a fender bender with an elderly woman while taking his child to school. He tweeted from the scene (via SB Nation):

Who [fault] is it if some 1 run into 2 u!!from the back

(Thank GOD I'm ok!! But I feel bad this elderly lady is panicking she think I'm a crook with no insurance! She will not exchange info

She say she waitng on the cops ) but she hit me

She called her home gurl aswell 

This lady called 1 of her goons!! Lol

Oh, what a delightful old lady who apparently thinks Tony Allen had stolen a rental car (?????). That is a perfectly normal reaction to a basic low-speed accident.

That last photo link takes you to the picture within this post. It's vaguely artistic and proves that Allen could have a career in photography when his playing days are done.

At any rate, the plot continued to thicken. More tweets from Allen:

My baby has 2 be inschool!! Where the cops at

Locking my doors

Ok got a go ( 5"O


Ami going 2 jail!! For taking the cops pen!!

No, Tony, you are probably not going to jail. But here's hoping you stay safe on the road and escape the wrath of any more old ladies. We wouldn't want you to get a bad opinion of the city that's accepted you with so few reservations.

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