Tony Allen missed four shots on one possession, including lay-up

Memphis Grizzlies wing Tony Allen is known for many positive qualities, most notably his amazing defense and deserved status as "The Grindfather" in his team's gritty identity. But we also know that Allen has very limited offensive skills. The 11-year vet has posted some impressive shooting percentages in his career, but he hasn't attempted 50 threes in a season since 2007-08 and is attempting his fewest shots per-minute ever so far in 2014-15. Allen remains a very important member of the contending Grizzlies despite it all, but it's probably for the best that he's taking on a more minor role at the offensive end.

Allen showed why this is the case during a single possession of Friday's game vs. the Los Angels Lakers at Staples Center. With a little over five minutes remaining in the second quarter, Allen stole a pass from Ed Davis and got out in transition for what seemed like an easy two points. That's when everything went terribly wrong (video via SB Nation):

For those keeping track at home, that's a botched lay-up with no defender in a position to challenge, a lay-up blocked by Jeremy Lin, another short shot blocked by Jordan Hill, and a fourth and final miss that doesn't count as a shot attempt because Kosta Koufos negated it with offensive interference on the rebound. Allen missed those four shots in a span of 11 seconds.

On the plus side, Allen padded his stats with three offensive rebounds. There's always a silver lining.

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