Tom vs. Time: Sixth Episode on 'Pause' After Patriots’ Super Bowl Loss

Charlotte Carroll

The series about Tom Brady titled "Tom vs. Time" has been put on "pause" after the Patriots' loss in Super Bowl LII, director Gotham Chopra announced Friday.

Chopra said while they had good footage, the events of the Super Bowl caused him to rethink. He wanted one final interview, which he said he got Friday morning.

The series has aired on Facebook Watch and chronicled Brady's 2017 season and journey.

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"As a fan, I can say I got some great closure and I hope Tom did too in just talking about it," Chopra said. "I can tell he’s burning up still on the inside. But I am also reminded why the guy is the GOAT and it’s all gonna be OK."

There is no date for the release, instead Chopra said it's "coming soon."

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