Tom Huddlestone backs Erik ten Hag, claims Man United on a positive trajectory

Tom Huddlestone backs Erik ten Hag, claims Man United on a positive trajectory
Tom Huddlestone backs Erik ten Hag, claims Man United on a positive trajectory

Stick or twist? That has been the theme at Manchester United ever since the FA Cup victory in May.

The decision on Erik ten Hag’s future has almost become like a spectre that looms large at Old Trafford, casting a shadow on this massive institution.

Conflicting reports keep emerging on his future but one thing is for certain, it shouldn’t have taken this long and the fanbase deserves clarity.

Meanwhile, noise around the same has been at a fever pitch, with everyone who has a mouth happy to give their opinion on what United should do.

However, the word of players who are at the club will undoubtedly hold more weight and in that sense, Ten Hag will be grateful for the latest backing.

Tom Huddlestone, United’s 21 player/coach, who is set to depart at the end of the season (June 30), has backed Ten Hag.

Talking to Mail Sport, Huddlestone stressed that the mitigation factors this season, injuries being the chief among them, must not be ignored.

He said that Ten Hag has got this team humming when he has his full team available, making him believe that the team is on a positive trajectory.

Huddlestone said the project is a long-term one anyway and considering Ten Hag qualified for the Champions League just last season when injuries weren’t as damning, he should be kept.

He said: “This year, they’ve been plagued by injuries, and not only injuries like all the other teams have bad, but it’s always been in the same sort of position, which has been in the defense.

“So I think that would be one thing. If everybody can stay fully fit, I think the trajectory of the club under this management is a positive one.

“I think it’s gonna be a long process in general… I think the manager currently, especially last season, when he’s got his starting 11 fit, they’re as good as most teams in the league.”

One would presume that many fans would agree with Huddlestone’s holistic assessment of the situation.

However, the only opinion which matters is INEOS’ and that’s the one which is taking its sweet time to arrive. Still, Ten Hag would take confidence from the fact that people still at the club, for however, long it might be, feel confidence in backing him publicly.

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