Tom Brady's latest podcast episode steers clear of Josh McDaniels's firing by the Raiders

Tom Brady has an agreement in place to buy 10 percent of the Raiders (pending league approval that might never come). Tom Brady has a weekly podcast, Let's Go! on Sirius XM.

Since last week's episode, the Raiders fired Brady's long-time former offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels. And, in the new episode of Let's Go!, Brady doesn't go there on the topic of the McDaniels dismissal.

How can that be? It's the lowest of low-hanging fruit. "Tom, what did you think about your new business partner Mark Davis firing your old friend, Josh McDaniels? Did Davis consult with you? Did you agree with the move? Did you disagree? Have you talked to Davis? Have you talked to Josh? What do you think of Antonio Pierce getting the interim job?"

There was nothing from co-host Jim Gray on this obvious subject. Instead, Gray asked a broad question about the inevitability of change in the NFL, with a passing reference in the windup to McDaniels being fired.

“I've seen a lot over the years and there's a lot of different reactions from different people and I was never a part of a season where we were in that situation as a team, but a lot of teams are," Brady said, via a partial transcript provided by the team. "So change is obviously happening every single week. Injuries. Daniel Jones tore his ACL against the Raiders yesterday. Guys have been lost to season-ending injuries and coaches now are gone. So it's just — you've gotta be able to adapt and adjust and move on. And the people that step in in those places, then they gotta go out and they gotta put, you know, it's not like all the problems get solved when something like that happens. People are making changes and the team has to adapt as well as possible. When a player leaves, coach gets fired, something happens to a family member and you've gotta adjust in your personal life, there's a lot of changes. So you've just gotta continue to adjust and adapt the best way possible.”


C'mon, Tommy. It's a huge story. You have perspective and insight. You have experience with both guys. Let's hear what you think about it.

And where's the Jim Gray who once tried to remove Pete Rose’s soul and show it to him on live TV? There's a basic curiosity that leads to plenty of probing questions regarding the McDaniels firing, with potentially compelling answers.

The only logical explanation is that Brady didn't want to go there. Since it's his platform, it's his prerogative to do so.

And it's the prerogative of anyone else with a different platform to wonder what he's possibly trying to conceal by not commenting on the biggest story of the week that was, especially given his multiple connections to the key players.