Tom Brady's incredible journey from being David to the ultimate Goliath

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel details Tom Brady’s incredible journey from high school benchwarmer to 7-time Super Bowl Champion.

Video Transcript


DAN WETZEL: It's a literally unbelievable career. And I'll go back. He said everything's about doubt. Tom Brady, as a freshman, on the freshman football team, Sierra High School in San Mateo, California, was the backup quarterback. He did not get into a single game, didn't play on his freshman football team. He was frustrated, worked hard, ended up being a Division I football recruit to go to Michigan.

At Michigan, he arrives as the seventh string quarterback, red shirts his first year. His next two years he plays, I believe, in four games in two years, wants to transfer. Boyd Carr says, you'll regret it for the rest of your life, not fighting and seeing what you can do if you take this competition, ends up, really, despite having to fight off Drew Henson and all that, having a really good career.

Like, it goes back to day one this guy's been doubted. I mean, how bad do you have to be to not get in a game on a freshman team? That's not like a borderline-- like, you're not good if you can't get in the game at a freshman football team. David became Goliath to the factor that no one can remember he was once David. It's impossible to even-- oh, yeah, he was kind of this gangly rookie, and he had that drive against the Rams. No one thought-- no, it goes farther back.

Like, if you play freshman football and you don't get in a game, you know what you do? You quit football. Everybody-- you say it's hard to relate to a pro athlete. Pretty much all of us can relate being so bad on some team somewhere in some sport that they were like, yeah, you're not even seeing the field. Everything in his life has been about proving whatever it is wrong, whether it's I can climb the depth chart. I can be a starter.

Yeah, my first year as a starter, as a backup turned starter, I can win the Super Bowl. Yeah, I can do this drive. I can have a perfect regular season. I can keep winning. I can 28 to 3-- you know, how about a how about a double digit comeback against Seattle in the Super Bowl that ranks as his third greatest comeback? Like, when you're ranking Tom Brady's Super Bowl comebacks, down 10 in the fourth quarter to Russell Wilson and the defending Super Bowl champs, is third.