Tom Brady Throws F-Bombing Hissy Fit At Bucs Linemen During Loss To Steelers

Tom Brady, who’s old enough to be some of his teammates’ father, scolded them like a harsh dad during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 20-18 loss to the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday. (Watch the video below.)

As his team trailed 10-6 in the second quarter, Brady tore into his offensive linemen moments after he got sacked and fumbled (though the Buccaneers recovered).

“You’re so much better than the way you’re fucking playing ... Get your fucking act together!!” he said, according to outlets.

The 45-year-old superstar’s team dropped to 3-3 and its problems on offense continued. Several drives stalled inside the 20-yard yard line.

Afterward, Brady gave reporters a G-rated take on the team’s need for improvement.

“We all gotta do a better job,” he said. “Obviously, a lot to correct.”

Brady has broken computer tablets in fits of frustration this season and he’s under personal strain as his marriage reportedly crumbles.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.