Tom Brady takes time out of Montana bro-cation to reveal new book

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If you’ve ever wondered if eating avocado ice cream will make you as good at your job as Tom Brady is at his, you’re in luck!

Brady, the five-time Super Bowl champion, announced via Instagram on Thursday morning that he’s written a book called “The TB12 Method” to outline to fans (and non-fans) how he’s been able to maintain his commitment and stay committed to football even after so many years in the NFL.

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It’s the second book Brady has published, following his relatively pricey nutrition manual released last year (which includes the recipe for the aforementioned avocado ice cream, natch). But neither is the book many Brady fans are pining for: his autobiography.

Tom Brady wants to point you toward better physical and mental health. (AP)
Tom Brady wants to point you toward better physical and mental health. (AP)

That may come in the future, but for now there’s this, and it likely provides a peek into Brady’s life and thinking, which he doesn’t provide often.

“I am excited to share this with you, the culmination of what I have been working on for the past 12 years of my career,” Brady wrote on Instagram. “Something that I know can benefit ALL people regardless of age, athletic level, or stage of life. So many people ask me, ‘What do I do to maintain my motivation and commitment to my sport? How is it possible to keep playing football at 40 years old?’

“So for anyone who’s ever wondered why I feel better today than when I was 25, I’ve got something for you. Whether you’re a high school, college or pro athlete, a coach, a farmer, an executive, a teacher, a doctor, a student, a parent, a graphic designer, ANYONE – I know the methods in this book can be a blueprint to better understanding how to maintain peak mental and physical fitness for the rest of your life.”

The announcement came a day after Brady and some of his friends and teammates posted photos from their Montana “bro-cation” (Brady and his wife own property in the state); on Wednesday, a photo of Brady and several others straddling mountain bikes, their faces all covered by helmets, popped up on his feed with the hashtag #summercamp.

Receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola as well as Brady’s assistant/confidante Ben Rawitz are among those in Montana with him.

Boys will be Boys….#summercamp

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