Tom Brady still not willing to give quarterbacks from other teams pointers

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

When the Patriots had joint practices two years with Washington, quarterback Robert Griffin III hoped to pick the brain of quarterback Tom Brady. Brady declined.

With the Texans and Patriots spending a couple of days this week practicing this week in West Virginia, Brady spent some time visiting with Houston rookie Deshaun Watson. So what advice did Brady share with the new guy?

Apparently, none.

“Yeah, most of the time it’s on your own team,” Brady said regarding whether he provided pointers to Watson. “You’re trying to help the guys you play with. As an older player you kind of pass along words of advice daily in every meeting. You meet other players in the league, younger players, and whether it’s joint practices or other opportunities in the offseason, it’s nice to meet a lot of guys. I’ve got a lot of respect for this team. We play them a lot. I feel like I know all of their players, so it was a good couple of days of work.”

In other words, Brady won’t be helping out any quarterback he may be facing this year, and Watson definitely fits that bill.

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