Tom Brady ‘still mad’ over losing two Super Bowls to Giants

Future Pro Football Hall of Famer Tom Brady did plenty of winning during his illustrious career. Brady won seven of his 10 Super Bowl appearances to be exact. However, it’s the Super Bowl losses that still haunt him to this very day.

Brady talked about the losses on the Let’s Go! podcast earlier this week.

“I’m not over any of the Super Bowl losses,” Brady said. “I am still mad. 16 years later, in ’07. I’m still mad, the 2011 Super Bowl, I’m still mad we lost to the (Philadelphia) Eagles. But no, you can’t change the outcome and you gotta live with it. Part of being on the great stage is you have a great opportunity to win a ring. The opposite side of that coin is the most difficult loss of your career. Sometimes you’ve gotta risk a lot, which is a tough loss that you’re gonna have to live with, in order to gain something that only one team can achieve.”

The Super Bowl XLII loss to the New York Giants, which was the biggest upset in Super Bowl history, spoiled the New England Patriots’ undefeated season.

As Patrick Mahomes is well on his way to challenging Brady’s ring total, a 19-0 season would have been a tough one to ever take down for any quarterback moving forward.

Brady got an opportunity for revenge four years later but he and the Patriots would fall short once again.

While many will argue against Eli Manning getting into the Hall of Fame once he is eligible to be inducted around this time next year, there may not be a more impressive accolade than his two wins against the Brady-Bill Belichick combo on Super Sunday.

Brady did admit, the losses kept him motivated to get better.

“The only thing I would say from that is that every loss I was a part of motivated me to try harder and do better,” Brady said. “And it gave me the perspective that when we did win again, as I did after a 10-year absence of not winning, I appreciated that win more than any other win in my career.”

No matter how many years pass, the upsets at the hands of the Giants are likely to continue to haunt Brady far into his post-playing career.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire