Tom Brady sends appreciative message to Patriots fans hoping he'll stay in New England

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is set to become a free agent, and Pats fans are having a hard time grappling with the idea Brady could leave. A contingent of loyal Patriots fans have stood by Brady, urging him to re-sign with the team next season.

Brady, 42, has seen those messages, and appreciates the support. Brady sent out a message on Instagram telling his supporters he has nothing but love for them.

Brady’s message read: “Love you all.” He attached it to a picture of a snow-covered field. In the snow, someone traced out the words “Stay Tom.”

While it seems unfathomable that Brady would leave New England, there are signs he’s at least considering it. There are rumors Brady and his family have moved to Connecticut and that his suite at Gillette Stadium has been cleaned out.

None of that prevents Brady from coming back, but anything different regarding Brady is going to be dissected and hyper analyzed.

With his future up in the air, Brady wants Patriots fans to know how much he appreciates their support. That won’t soften the blow if Brady leaves, but at least the fans will know they weren’t the reason for Brady’s departure.

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