Tom Brady says Jordan Love had 'the best type of training' in sitting behind Aaron Rodgers first three years of NFL career

When the 2024 NFL season begins, several teams will likely turn the keys over to a rookie quarterback and hope they're "the guy."

Jordan Love didn't have to shoulder that responsibility four years ago as a 21-year-old after the Green Bay Packers selected him in the NFL draft. The Packers, after all, had Aaron Rodgers, who would go on to win two more MVPs before the two eventually parted ways in 2023.

While every situation and player is different, NFL legend Tom Brady said the Packers' formula is how it should be done.

"You look at Jordan Love ... he had Aaron Rodgers to watch," Brady said on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" on Tuesday. "That's the best type of training, in my opinion. Watch someone else do it at a very high level and then try to emulate them with your own personality."

Jordan Love, right, had three years to sit behind Aaron Rodgers and learn Matt LaFleur's system before becoming the starting quarterback in 2023.
Jordan Love, right, had three years to sit behind Aaron Rodgers and learn Matt LaFleur's system before becoming the starting quarterback in 2023.

Tom Brady says player development is important for top young quarterbacks

Brady, who will be part of Fox Sports' lead NFL broadcast team this season, said on the show he's often asked which of the quarterbacks drafted this year will have the most success in the NFL.

Brady said his answer is always two-fold. First, he said it's up to the player to want to be great.

"Can you retain information? Can you process it? Are you willing to study?" Brady said.

Second, Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion and three-time MVP, noted it's also just as much about the "people around them" who are there to develop them.

"I came into the Patriots when Bill Belichick was there," Brady said of his longtime head coach in New England. "He's the one that helped develop me, (offensive coordinator) Charlie Weis was there. He helped develop me. Later in my career, (offensive coordinator) Josh McDaniels helped develop me. I could not have been the player I was without people like that impacting my career."

But it wasn't just the coaches.

"I had Drew Bledsoe to look up to," Brady said of the Pro Bowl quarterback who was the starter when he arrived to the Partirots in 2000. "I got to sit from behind him and watch him every single day. I had a real mentor to look up to in Drew."

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Like Tom Brady, Jordan Love had opportunity to sit

Brady sat behind Bledsoe his rookie season before taking over when the veteran suffered an injury in Week 2 the next season. Brady never relinquished the job and led the Patriots to a Super Bowl title that season. The rest is history.

Love's situation isn't exactly the same as Brady's. Love was a first-round pick and he sat for much longer than Brady did.

But like Brady, Love had the time to learn a system and soak in all the information before he was ready. And Love showed after a slow start that he was more than ready. Love led the Packers into the playoffs in his first year starting and had the second-most touchdowns (32) in the NFL.

Rookies Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye and JJ McCarthy likely won't get the luxury to sit and develop like Brady and Love did. Will that work out?

"Maybe a little bit of a misnomer with the draft is these players can come in and all of sudden can be these great professional players without the training and development," Brady said.

The Packers gave Love the training and development and they're better off for it.

This article originally appeared on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Tom Brady credits Green Bay Packers in allowing Jordan Love to develop