Tom Brady says he packed on offseason pounds in apparent deviation from TB12 method

Tom Brady’s body is always a subject of interest.

From his topless NFL combine photo that failed to impress to his oft-criticized training regimen with Alex Guerrero that appears grounded in pseudoscience, Brady’s physical fitness and prowess as he approaches 42 years old is a constant source of fascination.

Whatever he’s doing, it’s impossible to deny the six-ring results.

Brady says he packed on mass during offseason

So when Brady says that he’s gained weight heading into training camp, that garners attention.

That was Brady’s message to reporters at Patriots camp on Wednesday, when he talked about gaining weight in the offseason.

"I wanted to get a little bigger this year and put on a few more pounds and try to absorb the hits a little bit more," Brady said. "I worked pretty hard at that."

Tom Brady said Wednesday that he added muscle mass during the offseason, straying from his typical mantra of "pliability." (Getty)
Tom Brady said Wednesday that he added muscle mass during the offseason, straying from his typical mantra of "pliability." (Getty)

Straying from TB12 method?

In the past, Brady has touted muscle “pliability” — which he describes as lengthening and softening of the muscles — over muscle density and mass gained through traditional weight training.

He credited the concept that he adopted from Guerrero as a source of his longevity in a 2017 interview with CBS.

“If I can keep my muscles pliable, I can hopefully, you know, limit the intensity or limit the injury altogether, if I do absorb some of these forces,” Brady said.

It’s part of the TB12 method that has been debunked by trainers and the New York Times, which labeled the method as “short on science.”

Brady talked about shift in April

Brady’s focus on bulking up this season doesn’t necessarily indicate that he’s abandoned the TB12 method. An April report from NBC Boston indicated that Brady planned to keep up his typical offseason workout, but would employ heavier resistance on the training bands he uses to add mass.

Did it work? Brady says so.

There are no reports of how much he weighs or topless photos from training camp of Brady showing off a new muscle-bound body, so nothing is confirmed.

He did provide a tease in an Instagram photo earlier in July.

As always, Brady’s NFL preparation and approach to body building will remain a source of fascination and debate.

Here’s expecting he’ll once again have the final word on the issue.

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