Tom Brady Responds to Jalen Ramsey's Criticism: 'I Never Want to Suck'

Jenna West
Sports Illustrated

The world can rest easy knowing that Tom Brady has finally commented on Jalen Ramsey's assessment of him.

During a Patriots press conference on Wednesday, a reporter asked Brady what he thought of Ramsey telling GQ last month that the quarterback "doesn't suck."

Brady responded with a very Brady answer: "I never want to suck. I don't want to be in that category."

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In the same GQ article, Ramsey shared his thoughts on several quarterbacks across the NFL, calling Josh Allen "trash" and Matt Ryan "overrated." However, Ramsey said Aaron Rodgers also "does not suck" like Brady.

Before last season's AFC Championship game, Brady and Ramsey exchanged words during pregame warmups.

Though Brady and Ramsey haven't exactly praised each other with these comments, it looks like maybe their tiff last season didn't cause too much bad blood.

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