Tom Brady merges TB12 with Nobull

TB12 is dead. Long live TB12.

The wellness brand that Tom Brady once hoped would be as ubiquitous as McDonald's is merging with Nobull, an apparel company that emerged on the scene in 2022 as a sponsor for the Scouting Combine.

Brady becomes the No. 2 shareholder in the combined companies, with Mike Repole owning most of the endeavor.

"Brady and Repole’s vision is for Nobull to become a complete wellness company, helping to provide the tools for those who strive to become better every day," the press release explains. "From sneakers and apparel to nutrition, Nobull will be focused on all aspects of wellness."

The merger also include's Brady Brand apparel.

While plenty of mergers result in one company surviving and the other one going away, TB12 and Brady Brand will presumably become a major part of the Nobull portfolio. The company, however, will be known as Nobull.

As noted by CNBC, Brady previously had an endorsement deal with Under Armour. That arrangement has ended.

These are the kinds of business moves Brady will need to make if he hopes to ever be the majority owner of an NFL team. The challenge is to make enough money to match the ever-increasing price of buying a team.

He has a proposed deal to buy roughly 5-10 percent of the Raiders. The league has yet to approve it, due in part to concerns that owner Mark Davis isn't charging Brady enough for the equity he'd be acquiring.