Tom Brady is out to prove he's much faster than his 'Madden' rating

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t have many flaws. He’s smart, decisive and delivers the ball with tremendous accuracy.

If you wanted to be hyper critical, though, you could say Brady isn’t the fastest quarterback around. In an era where running quarterbacks seem to be the norm, Brady isn’t going to break 100 rushing yards per season.

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Brady’s speed was called into question Monday, after the “Madden NFL 20” ratings were released. Brady ranked second among quarterbacks with an overall 96 rating, but one fan wasn’t happy with that.

The fan, Matt Harrington, argued that he — and many others — were way faster than Brady, so there was no way Brady could be ranked that high.

Normally, that would be the end of that. Fans complain on Twitter all the time. The practice is as American as baseball or apple pie.

Well, in this case, we care, because Brady responded.

To prove that, Brady even posted a video on Twitter.

While the “Madden” account took Brady’s side, the game isn’t all that high on Brady as a runner either. At 60, Brady’s speed is the lowest among all quarterbacks in the game. You don’t want to scramble with him.

Despite that, Brady is having fun with the ranking. Kudos to him for that. He might be the slowest quarterback in “Madden,” but we’d still take him in a race against the majority of fans.


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