Tom Brady’s new historic feat even blew Bill Belichick’s mind

It isn’t easy to surprise New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick these days, but then again, there’s never been a player like Tom Brady before.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback became the first player in NFL history to eclipse 100,000 passing yards on Sunday, while also leading his team on a game-winning drive against the Los Angeles Rams.

When asked about Brady’s historic day, Belichick genuinely seemed blown away by the distance of the compiled yardage over the course of the legendary quarterback’s career.

And to think, Belichick is the one that spent the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL draft on him.

“That’s a tremendous accomplishment by Tom and a real credit to everything about him,” Belichick said during an appearance on The Greg Hill Show. “His longevity, his accuracy, consistency. Just doing so many things right in the passing game for so long.

“It’s a phenomenal accomplishment. I’m really happy for him. Nobody deserves it more than he does. He’s worked extremely hard and is just very good at what he does. That’s an amazing stat. I don’t even know how far 100,000 yards is. It must be a long way. I don’t know how many miles. I have no idea. But that’s a great accomplishment.”

The Bucs have struggled this season, and Brady’s personal life has found its way into the spotlight of sports news. Things have been rocky for the team, despite them looking like a surefire NFC contender when entering the season.

And yet, when the chips are down, Brady always seems to rise to the occasion and remind the world why he’s the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Belichick, the greatest coach of all time, sees it and appreciates it.

Real recognizes real.


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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire