Tom Brady gave Mike Vrabel a participation trophy of sorts

Charean Williams

For eight years, Mike Vrabel stood across the line from Tom Brady in practice. For eight years, the two trash talked.

Nothing has changed now that Vrabel is the head coach of the Titans.

Before Thursday’s joint practice, Brady awarded Vrabel a small trophy with the score of the Titans’ 34-10 victory over the Patriots last November. The meaning, of course, was that it proved meaningless.

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The Titans missed the postseason, and the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to speak about that private moment,” Brady said with a smile, via Teresa Walker of the Associated Press. “But it was a nice gesture from me to him, and hopefully he appreciates it.”

Vrabel already had lost the trophy by the time practice was over.

Win the game, lose the trophy.

“Just a friend trying to give an old friend a present, just a little trophy for coaching,” Vrabel said, sounding less than amused.

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