Tom Brady failed a pop culture quiz, to the surprise of no one

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

If you want to win a Super Bowl, Tom Brady is your guy.

But if you want to win your local bar’s trivia night?

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Well, you might want to look elsewhere.

Brady was asked a series of pop culture questions by an entertainment show at Monday’s Super Bowl Opening Night and let’s just say he threw a few balls into the stands:

As someone who is around the same age as Brady, is also a father and busy competing for Super Bowls (albeit in Madden), I can’t say I would’ve done much better. There’s no time for trips to the theater for Oscar-nominated films, binging Game of Thrones on HBO Go or keeping up with the Kardashians. (Though even I know Kim and Kanye named their latest child “Chicago” …. Don’t ask me if it’s a girl or boy.)

But again, this is the man who claims he’s never eaten a strawberry. Should we really expect his media consumption to be indulgent? Tom can’t beat time when he’s throwing it away on reality shows.

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