Tom Brady cracks Randy Moss joke after epic trick play fail in Bucs-Seahawks

Brady cracks Randy Moss joke after epic fail on Bucs' trick play originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

It's a good thing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Sunday, because it meant Tom Brady could laugh off one of his most embarrassing plays in recent memory.

During the third quarter of Tampa Bay's matchup with the Seattle Seahawks in Munich, Germany, the Bucs tried a bold trick play in which running back Leonard Fournette lined up at quarterback and attempted to throw a deep pass to Brady, who was split out wide as a receiver.

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The Seahawks were all over it, as Brady slipped and fell to allow cornerback Tariq Woolen an easy interception. Brady even picked up a 15-yard penalty for tripping Woolen after the pick.

Brady's Bucs earned a 21-16 victory despite that play, and after the game, the former New England Patriots quarterback joked that he would have channeled ex-teammate Randy Moss if the turf monster didn't get him.

Brady's slip did deny us the chance to see a jump ball between a 45-year-old QB and a 23-year-old cornerback -- which might have ended worse for Brady.

"Unfortunately that corner (Woolen) is a former college receiver who jumps a lot higher than me and is much more athletic," Brady said in his postgame press conference. "I was hoping to be wide open ... They said, 'Cover him, cover him!' and I was (near) the sideline and I tried to yell, 'Lenny, no!' but it was too late.

"The ball went up in the air and I was trying to just, whatever, jump up and knock it down, but I ended up falling on my face."

Brady was actually 3 for 4 on career receptions entering Sunday's game -- Patriots fans certainly remember his one drop from Super Bowl LII -- but this one had zero chance of being completed, and the Bucs are lucky the play didn't cost them a victory.