Tom Brady climbs aboard the AI train (for the appropriate fee)

Offseason Sundays provide an opportunity to look back at items that caught our eye during the week, but that didn't rise above the constant churn of copy-paste-snarky comment.

On Wednesday, a post on X contained a quote from Tom Brady about the ongoing AI boom. The @BizTechMagazine account attributed this quote to him: “I’m about to start my broadcasting career on Fox, and I’m using AI in the preparation for that so I can better understand the matchups, the plays, and different situations that come up in the game.”

Brady was speaking at Cisco Live, something that he surely wasn't doing for the low-low price of zero dollars and zero cents. Corporate fanboys (like the guy at Delta who gave Brady a high-level job despite his complete lack of knowledge or experience in the aviation industry) will be tempted to divert a chunk of the budget for the chance to hobnob with the GOAT. Still, what does he really bring to the table?

He knows football. He knows it so well that it's hard to understand how he's using AI to prepare himself, since he's already a walking, talking pro football computer. He so thoroughly gave himself to football and preparing his body to play football for 23 years that he can't know anything else.

Case in point: FTX.

So what's the value in having Brady show up and talk about anything other than football? At best, it's a sign that the company is doing well enough to be able to pay the money to get Brady to show up. (Elton John reportedly got $5 million to play at Cisco Live on Wednesday night.)

At worst, he's still carrying some of the bad business instincts that caused him to get caught up in the FTX debacle in the first place.

Either way, if I want to know about AI, he's the last guy I'm asking.

Well, next to last. Gronk would be the last. Because Gronk would say "AI" are two of the three vowels in the alphabet.