Tom Allen reflects on cancelled FIU game

Taylor Lehman, Staff
The Hoosier

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Jordan Wells,

The Hoosiers are halfway through a week where they originally anticipated playing Florida International on Saturday, but Hurricane Irma put a halt to their plans, forcing FIU to cancel the trip to Bloomington and ultimately canceling the game.

As a result, IU scheduled a matchup against FCS opponent Charleston Southern on Oct. 7. Now, beginning September 23 against Georgia Southern, the Hoosiers will play 10 consecutive Saturdays.

“You hate to have a bye this early, but that’s just part of it,” IU head coach Tom Allen said. “It’s one of those situations where you don’t have a choice. You’ve just got to adjust. Your heart goes out to those families down in Florida dealing with all that stuff. I totally understand why we didn’t play that game.”

Allen said early in the week, he and the coaching staff brought the team together to let them know why the FIU game was cancelled and how they would prepare for Georgia Southern and maximize their impromptu bye week.

Switching a mindset from anticipating and gameplanning for an opponent at the end of the week to practicing hypothetical situational strategies with no opponent scheduled can be a difficult task, but Allen said IU adjusted well and built on Saturday’s win over Virginia.

“I was really proud of our team,” Allen said. “We got three quality practices in this week — a lot of situational things that you don’t always get a chance to work on.”

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