Canadian Olympic gold medalist Kelsey Mitchell pulls off security stunt in Tokyo

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Canada's Kelsey Mitchell is a gold medalist and a comedian. (kelsey.mitchell9/Instagram)
Canada's Kelsey Mitchell is a gold medalist and a comedian. (kelsey.mitchell9/Instagram)

Canadian Olympic cyclist Kelsey Mitchell turned heads during the Games, and continued doing so even as she was leaving Tokyo.

The 27-year-old recently posted a video of alarms going off as she walked through the security screening in Tokyo.

The culprit? Her gold medal.

In the video, Mitchell is seen pranking the security personnel by hiding her gold medal under her shirt as she walks through the metal detector. After the alarms went off, she pulled out her bling and was met with nothing but laughter and applause, proclaiming herself as a comedian — and rightfully so.

The Alberta native won gold in the women’s individual cycling sprint after winning two straight heats against Ukraine’s Olena Starikova. Mitchell’s win was Canada’s final medal of the Tokyo Olympics and brought the country’s medal count up to 24 — the most Canada has ever earned in a Summer Games that was not boycotted.

Mitchell’s win also made her the second Canadian woman to ever capture gold in an individual cycling event, joining 2004 champion Lori-Ann Muenzer.

But Mitchell wasn’t always a cyclist.

Before getting her start in the sport, she played soccer for the University of Alberta. In 2017, she decided she wanted to compete in the Olympics and participated in an RBC Training Camp trial. From there, she was scouted by Cycling Canada and went on to train and compete with the national team.

In 2019, Mitchell’s cycling career grew exponentially. That summer she won two medals at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru – including a gold in her sprint. Later in September, she won three medals at the Pan American Championships and even set a world record for her flying 200-metre sprint.

In the 2019-20 cycling season, Mitchell earned four more medals, which included three from her sprints and one from the team sprint.

Now, after four years of training, Mitchell has added an Olympic gold medal to her resume, as well as the title of comedian thanks to her security stunt.

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