How toenail fungus and feet are treated during a medical pedicure

Marcela Correa is a licensed medical pedicurist at Medi Pedi NYC in New York. She has over 15 years of experience in medical pedicures that target both aesthetic and therapeutic foot concerns. Her treatments can cure calluses, corns, dry and cracked heels, athlete's foot, and nail issues such as ingrown or overgrown nails, nail fungus, and nail discoloration. Correa also offers services such as the HyperBlue laser to treat toenail fungus and the KeryFlex Nail Restoration System to remodel an infected nail with a prosthetic nail so the healthy nail underneath can grow back. Her treatments range from $60 to $250 depending on the severity of the service. In this video, Correa performs a medical pedicure on two clients that help heal toenail fungus through cleansing, laser, and KeryFlex. For more information, visit and