Toddler wins dance-off against dad with an unexpected move

A little girl beat her dad in a dance-off when she broke out one unexpected dance move. The TikTok account Bad Parenting Moments, which curates funny family content, reshared a video by Kayle Owens. The mom recorded her toddler in a dance battle with dad. But things quickly took a turn when the little one whipped out an illegal move. The daughter had engaged her father in a game of chicken to the tune of rapper Saweetie's "My Type." Whenever she did a dance move, he had to recreate it. First, she bobbed up and down. Then the father bobbed up and down. Next, she clapped. Then he clapped. But the rugrat wasn't going to make it easy for dad. She threw both her hands on the ground, bent over and starting twerking with her butt in the air. Dad turned around and looked into the camera: stunned. Needless to say, he did not recreate his daughter's move. The video racked up 808,000 likes. People found the little girl's moves impressive. "That's awesome. Dad's reaction is priceless," a user said