Toddler tries to run away from home when Mom turns off CoComelon: ‘He was not having it’

Every kid has threatened to run away by packing up a bag of toys and heading for the door. When you’re little you’re totally convinced you’re going to follow through. But to the adults watching, it’s just another adorable moment.

TikTok mom Tionna Clark couldn’t believe how seriously her son took CoComelon. The little boy, named Prince Christopher, was ready to totally abandon his family when he couldn’t watch the popular children’s animated series.

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“All because I turned CoComelon off so that I could make a phone call,” Clark wrote in a caption.

The little boy, wearing only a diaper, was ready to make a run for it. He had his cartoon sippy cup in one hand and a yellow backpack in the other. Prince Christopher wrestled with the doorknob of the home but couldn’t open it. In frustration, he slapped the door.

The mom added in the comments section that the toddler packed his toy controller and half a gallon of milk in the backpack.

“He said he was ‘going bye bye’ so I told him to pack his milk and diapers and he really did it,” Clark said.

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The cute video racked up 7.5 million views. People thought he was hilarious.

“He was not having it,” one user said.

“Give that man back his CoComelon,” another wrote.

“There is a whole grown-up man inside this little cutie,” someone added.

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