Toddler hilariously gets grumpy because she wants to ‘take her attitude to the car’

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When this toddler wasn’t prepared to “leave her attitude at home,” she negotiated with mom and dad. It was hilarious.

Kids are still learning and figuring out the world around them. So it’s no surprise when they interpret something mom and dad say literally.

When TikTok mom @clarissamurillo29 tried to check her daughter Zoe’s attitude, the little one gave her parents a piece of her mind.

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“Hey Zoe, remember what I said: You have to leave your attitude here. You’re not taking your attitude with you,” the mom said. “Got to leave your attitude at home.”

“No!” Zoe replied. “I want to take it in the car.”

“You can’t take your attitude in the car,” the mom said.

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Zoe began to sulk, demanding she be allowed to take it in the car.

“OK. OK. If you take your attitude in the car, you can’t take it in the restaurant,” the girl’s father told her. “OK? Cool?”

The toddler nodded in agreement and started laughing. She would leave her attitude in the car. Zoe won her parents over. The video racked up 24.6 million views.

“I have a feeling miss girl is not gonna wanna leave her attitude in the car either,” someone joked. The mom responded, “She did not, but we did our best to convince her.”

“She’s got you both trained really well,” another said.

“That was the quickest fold in history. LOL,” a user commented.

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