Toddler is so excited to run into her favorite teacher at a restaurant

This TikTok mom shared the sweet moment her toddler daughter spotted her favorite teacher at a restaurant!

Christina (@christinaabiola) is a parent and TikToker who shares a mix of makeup tutorials and videos of her adorable toddler daughter, Aniyah. In a recent viral video, which has over 23 million views, Christina shared the incredibly heartwarming moment Aniyah spotted her favorite teacher while standing in line to order at a restaurant and ran over for a hug!

The video begins with Aniyah standing in a restaurant. Christina films the toddler from behind as she works up the courage to approach her favorite teacher, who she has just found waiting his turn to order at the counter. Aniyah stands behind him for a moment, her hands clasped in front of her. She turns around to look back at her mom, then takes a few steps forward.

“When you run into your favorite teacher,” Christina writes in a caption.

Aniyah walks up to her teacher and stands by his side without saying anything. After a moment, he looks down and spots her. He breaks into a grin, and turns back towards Christina’s mom. The teacher and mom share a quick laugh together, then the teacher looks back down at Aniyah, who is waiting shyly for him to pay attention to her.

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Aniyah looks up at her teacher and begins to laugh. Then, she lifts up her arms towards the teacher. He bends down and picks up the toddler, who throws her arms around his neck. The teacher gives Aniyah a big hug as the video ends.

“Hope this makes you smile,” Christina writes in a caption.

The video had viewers grinning from ear to ear!

“This is literally the cutest thing ever,” one viewer wrote.

“He’s my favorite teacher now, too,” commented another viewer.

“I can’t handle the slow tiptoe. It’s so cute,” wrote another TikToker.

The video shows just how big of an impact a teacher can have on a young child’s life!

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