Todd Gurley says Rams are “past due” and to “send me money”

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Running back Todd Gurley is no longer a Ram, but his business with the Rams apparently hasn’t concluded.

Gurley took to Twitter on Wednesday to send a message to the Rams, telling them that they are “past due” and to “[s]end me money.”

Although the Rams cut Gurley before the third day of the league year, avoiding another $10.5 million in fully-guaranteed obligations, the Rams already owed Gurley a fully-guaranteed roster bonus of $7.55 million on the third day of the league year.

The Rams will be entitled to a partial offset based on Gurley’s one-year deal with the Falcons, if/when that deal becomes official. But that’s money they’d get back from the Falcons later (the contract between Gurley and the Falcons still isn’t official); the Rams still owe Gurley the $7.55 million — if that’s the payment Gurley is referring to.

Then there’s the possibility that the Rams will owe Gurley the $10.5 million that was avoided when he was cut. Although the money never became fully guaranteed, it was guaranteed for injury. If Gurley fails his Falcons physical, a fight could be in the offing between Gurley and the Rams as to whether he was injured at the time he was released.

Todd Gurley says Rams are “past due” and to “send me money” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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