Todd Gurley doesn't care if you're mad he took a knee and ruined your fantasy team

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Todd Gurley laughs in the face of angry fantasy owners. (AP Photo)
Todd Gurley laughs in the face of angry fantasy owners. (AP Photo)

Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley will continue to do whatever it takes to get his real team a win. If that means taking a knee at the 1-yard line so the Rams can run out the clock, so be it.

Gurley has employed that strategy not once, but twice this season. While it’s a smart move, Gurley’s fantasy owners aren’t big fans of it.

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What does Gurley think about that? He doesn’t really care. Or, at least, he’s willing to laugh about it when fans bring it up.

During “Thursday Night Football,” Gurley sent out a tweet praising Derrick Henry’s 99-yard touchdown run as the “run of the year.” One possible fantasy owner may have attempted to tease the running back, saying Gurley would have taken a knee at the one-yard line on the play. Gurley responded with four crying-while-laughing emojis.

Gurley has stopped short of the end zone twice this season. He took a knee on the 1-yard line against the Green Bay Packers in October, and then made sure he was tackled on the 1 when he could have scored during a game against the Detroit Lions. Though he went down short of the goal line, Gurley eventually scored a touchdown later on that drive against Detroit.

Those decisions have been met with scorn from angry fantasy fans, but let’s face it: If you have Gurley on your team and you’re complaining about fantasy football, maybe you’re the problem?

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